Windows 8 Multiple Accounts - App Downloads/Updates

One of Windows 8's boasting points is separated accounts which we are used to on PCs but not on tablets. I have recently been wondering how they would pull off certain aspects of it and today I investigated what happens when multiple users want to install the same app. Specifically how the app is actually stored in order to save space.

I created another account and installed nine apps that I have installed on my regular account. Apart from the almost instant install it was clear that W8 shares the actual app and you just separately install it as less than 11MB of space had been taken up. The apps installed should have equalled to 680MB if they were re-downloaded.

Another thing I thought of whilst doing this experiment was app updating and I currently have an update waiting for the games app in my new account but not in my regular account. This may just be due to update roll-outs so I'll leave it for a few days and report back here if it shows up in my regular account and whether updating on one account will update the other.

If there are any odds and ends of W8 where you are wondering what will happen just comment and I'll try it out. I haven't seen any reviews so far addressing this issue with apps so enjoy.

Update on updates - 23/8

So I received a batch of updates and installed them on one account then went to install them on the other account. The updates are not automatically installed. However they do not need to be re-downloaded before installation but you do still need an internet connection to start the process.

So all in all W8 seems to store all apps like they were programs in legacy windows (yet I can't find them) but installations and updates must be made using each account but do not require re-downloading.