BBC Click: Microsoft pays for Apple's secrets.

Click News - Surface Tension

It has emerged that microsoft has paid apple to use key design patents in future products, these include the secrets of how the smooth transitions and look and feel of the touch interface work on the ipad and iphone.

We are most likely to see the results in microsoft's forthcoming surface tablet but the deal forbids microsoft from making making an exact reproduction of the ipads user experience.

Microsoft pays for Apple's secrets and more tech news


After watching the BBC's click show it has struck me how sloppy Dan Simmons reporting is (and Click in general) when you compare it with theverge's coverage of the same topic.

After reading a few blogs similar to his report I have a feeling Dan lifted this story from one of them and did not perform any of his own research.

There is not a single mention of cross licensing, when the deal was inked or detail of any worth, the bbc should bin click and outsource the tech segment to theverge.

Mini rant over and click removed from series link :)