How Many Apps Does Store NEED at Launch?

So, personally, I'm more of the opinion that the Store needs the key apps in order to be competitive, not a certain number. That being said, numbers seem to matter too, when you can say that iOS and Android have hundreds of thousands of apps, and Windows 8/RT has much smaller numbers.<p>Because of that, I was just wondering what kind of numbers people are thinking is acceptable for the general consumer who buys a Windows RT tablet on launch day to feel like it's doing well. Right now, there's 448 in the store. Personally, I'd like to see that at least double by October 26. As far as I can tell, we have no reason to expect that it won't, either, since Microsoft no longer is hand-selecting devs who can submit apps (the 31 that showed up yesterday is the most I've ever seen get approved at once).<p>And like I said before, I just really hope Microsoft is getting the top developers to create apps. We know there will be a Netflix app, and there's already a Kindle app, but I want to see big-name things like HBO Go, Draw Something (even if that fad has passed a little), and others. The HP Touchpad had a decent amount of apps at launch too (all things considered), but almost every single one of those was from a hobbyist developer and not a big-name. I would think that Microsoft, of all people, knows that they can't just survive on that.