Can I please get a XBox TV?

I think this is the next logical step in Microsoft's Product line.

If we look at this from a hardware standpoint, fitting a Xbox and Kinect into a TV would be difficult, but the Kinect form factor should only be getting smaller and the same can be said about the Xbox 720.

With all this said, it makes sense to deliver two pieces of hardware at least:

Xbox with a built in Kinect Sensor

Pixelsense monitor with Xbox and Kinect Built-in.

The second piece of hardware would be the greatest thing to come to both business and commercial productivity in a while. Pixelsense may not be necessary when thinking about this, but why else would MS buy them?

I can just imagine working on my pixelsense desktop and at the push of a button have the desktop mechanically move onto the wall in which I can present my work (or presentation) to my colleagues.

Who would not love a cubical like that?