Best set of on-ear or over the head headphones for University student.

So I'm basically turning to the Verge collective mind to settle something that's been bothering me:

I need a new pair of decent headphones for use in University this coming September. Preferably ones that go over-the-head or on-ear, and are basically indestructible; for use maybe an hour every day for commuting outside, and maybe 3 or 4 hours every day to listen to music while studying. Sound leakage is less of a concern than the durability of these headphones: a limited lifetime warranty redeemable in the UK is an acceptable equivalence for, y'know, pure indestructability.

I've narrowed it down to a few headphones that I've seen on Amazon UK, namely the Koss Porta Pro's (limited lifetime guarantee but the styling slightly puts me off) and some Aiaiai headphones.

The budget is limited, probably to around £60 at the very most: I realise that if I am going to get a quality set of phones then I need to invest in them, but at the same time...I am a student.

So, Verge members, what are your suggestions given the criteria above? Much thanks.