A larger iPhone--- Is it needed?

I've read many comments in the past regarding how some people think the screen on the iPhone is perfect at 3.5 in.

Many say that anything over that is unnecessary. That if you need a screen larger than that, just use your tablet. Some make comments of how ridiculous large screened phones are.

Now, I personally use a Galaxy Nexus and iPad. I love both. I even purchased an iPhone 4S briefly.

The 4S had to be returned though because for me, the screen was too small.

After getting accustomed to a larger screen, going back was very difficult. I found myself picking up my iPad more often because reading on the iPhone was harder to do.

Now, with rumors circulating that the new iPhone will finally see an increase in size, I'm seriously considering giving it a shot. But, it makes me wonder: Will a 4in screen be enough?

To see if it would, I've been using my wife's Droid Incredible 2. It uses a four inch LCD. Certainly smaller than the monster on my Nexus, and a much smaller footprint in hand.

What I've found is that I think that honestly, the half of an inch makes a big difference in use.

For many, I think that if Apple does move to a slightly larger screen, it would be good. With people using the phones for so many things, GPS and such, the added space will be huge.

So, how many think Apple should definetely go bigger with the screen?


If they don't, will it put you off on buying another iPhone?