Google has released its latest Android distribution figures, based on the number of devices currently accessing the Google Play store. According to the company's statistics, Ice Cream Sandwich is now running on 15.9 percent of all Android devices, marking a nearly 50 percent jump from last month, when it commanded a 10.9 percent share. That's certainly a sizable gain, though it's worth noting that Gingerbread still accounts for the lion's share of active devices, comprising more than 60 percent of the Android market, with Froyo a close third, at 15.5 percent.

Most notable about this month's report, however, is that it establishes a baseline for Jelly Bean adoption. Android 4.1 made its debut at 0.8 percent last month — not exactly an overwhelming number, but rather impressive if you consider that Jelly Bean is only available on Google-branded Nexus devices and Motorola's Xoom tablet.