Madfinger Games, the studio behind mobile first-person shooter Dead Trigger, earned a fair bit of notoriety recently by making its game free on Android in response to what it called an "unbelievably high" piracy rate. Today, that same game is becoming free on iOS as well. So how does Madfinger feel about piracy on Apple's mobile platform?

Well, there are no grandstanding claims this time around, though CEO Marek Rabas has said that "the number of pirates on iOS is comparable with the amount of jailbroken devices." In general, Rabas is disappointed with the lack of protection both Google and Apple are providing for hard-working game devs like himself, and you can read his full thoughts on developing for mobile platforms in an article he's written over on GameZebo.

Ultimately, this seems like a simple case of a company moving over to a pure freemium model and providing price parity across operating systems — Dead Trigger's real income has always been generated through in-app purchases and upgrades. Players who already bought the game at its previous $0.99 price will be compensated with a helping of in-game loot, but many will feel Madfinger has been less than upfront about its reasons now that it's treated Android and iOS the same way, but openly criticized only one of the two mobile OS leaders.