VIzio Co-Star vs. Roku XS vs. Apple TV. FIGHT!

So I'm selling my PS3 on eBay right now and since its an original 60GB one, I'm getting a pretty penny for it. That being said, I am needing to replace my streaming option.

I am highly interested in the Vizio Co-Star, the only problem is, there's no reviews out for it yet. I am also interested in the Roku and Apple TV. However, I'm having a hard time deciding which one to get, as they're all essentially the same price but offer different services.

The Co-Star seems pretty nice from what I've seen, mainly because it would overlay my DirecTV and I wouldn't have to switch inputs, and, because it has Google TV and Google Play baked in. This is nice because I am an Android user and heavy user of Google Play Music and apps.

The Roku is nice because it has so much freaking content, and, a lot of private channels you can add for stuff like DLNA streaming, etc. However, it DOESN'T HAVE YOUTUBE, still (natively). That's huge for me because I'm on Youtube all of the time.

And lastly, Apple TV is just nice and it works. My only problem: you have to use iTunes, and I HATE iTunes! Also, I don't have an iPhone or iPad so I wouldn't be able to Air Play Mirror as I only have a new iPod Touch which seemingly doesn't do mirroring, even though it will have iOS 6. I was planning on getting an iPad, but for $199 the Nexus 7 seems much more enticing.

Its pretty incredible, the differences between these products. Right now, I'm leaning toward the Co-Star, but I need a serious review of it (especially from The Verge) before I commit. And unfortunately, it looks like if I don't pre-order soon, there might be a wait for shipping. If the Co-Star doesn't pan out, I leaning more toward Roku than Apple TV, just because of the content, but then again, I might break down and buy an iPad anyway, which would make the Apple TV a must.

I need some outside assistance on this. I appreciate anyone's thoughts or ideas.