Inspired by Aaron's This Is My Next piece...

After reading Aaron's TIMS article today, it got me thinking about how many "first" devices I've wanted and eventually got over the years.

In no particular order:

  • Nokia Communicator 9210 - What I immediately thought of when I read the article. I never bought it but I always wanted it every since the first time I laid my eyes on it 11 years ago (I'm 27 right now) at a CompUSA next to the Empire State Building. Even though there were other Communicators before it, I think this one was the first with a color screen.
  • PMPs - I should explain, I've never like iPods. Not the click wheel, not the Color, not the HP + iPod...I could go on (the iPod touches are passable now). I loathed those things. So when I was younger, I mad my run with the alternatives starting with MP3 CD Players (I miss those things), a borrowed mini-disc player and then finally a Creative Zen Xtra 30GB. I loved that thing even though it misbehaved often. Go figure. I finally decided after all of that crap that I wanted to get something that no one had. I naturally looked to Japan for an answer and I came across the Sony Pocket VAIO. I learned that J&R carried it and I promptly dropped $500 + tax for it. It broke after 8 months. But the fun times I had with it opened the door for more stuff my iPod loving friends never saw before. (I ended buying an pmp, a Cowon A2,A3, S9 and Q5W because I had to have a BT PMP before anyone else...)
  • Panasonic 3DO - Maybe it's the geek/nerd in me, but the first time I saw AND heard Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo on a 3DO, I knew I had to have it. Nuff said.

What first devices did you guys pine over?