What Things About Yourself Do / Did You HATE?

Again, as the resident vlogger, I like centering my posts around videos but I thought this one deserved some written copy.

I grew up very much so a nerd and that didn't gel well with then modern day black culture. I sought after ways to identify myself which ultimately resulted in nothing more than confusing me. I called myself an oreo because I liked certain aspects of white culture but once I actually got around that culture I found I didn't fit and it wasn't until college that I discovered how much time I was wasting trying to reinvent myself.

Truthfully, I should have been embracing who I was from the start, Chris. I should have been loving my different out look on life and enjoying my dark skin. I should have been basking in my love for video games, action figures and comic books. I wasted so much time hiding this stuff and I'm so happy I love who I am now.

So allow me to get the crowd sourcing started... What Things About Yourself do/did you hate that you now fully accept and maybe even love? -Chris