Your Biggest Gaming Disappointment

I'm sure we've all been there, waiting for the release of a highly anticipated game, or the next game in the series for your favourite franchise. You've read a little about the game (maybe you've read a lot), and regardless of how much you try to minimize your expectations, they are there. You are hopeful of something, you are expecting something. You don't know what, but you are excited even though you have no real idea on how the experience is actually going to be.

With expectation though, comes disappointment. It's very rare for something to meet up to the standards that you have set, standards that have been set without your conscious thinking.

So my question to you my fellow Polynauts, is what is your biggest gaming disappointment?

For me, I'm not too sure really. But perhaps it was Guardian Heroes Advance. I adore the first game on the Saturn, and before I decided to pick up this game on my SP, I had come of some outstanding portable gaming experiences in the form of Golden Sun 2 and the Dragon Ball RPG series. I wasn't expecting it to be a game on par with the Saturn version, but I was expecting it to deliver a good experience. Instead, it wasn't. It played mediocre at best, and the setting and narrative were terrible. I never did finish the game.

Oh, another one; Streets of Rage 3. It's a game that I liked when I first played, it was new after all and I wasn't all that old still. Maybe 9 or 10, something like that. But after a while, I just found so many parts of the game disappointing.

I was miffed by the absence of Max (my favourite character in 2), but the replacement being Zan, just rubbed salt into the wound.

There were some good ideas, like running, weapons specials and the stars. But the balancing was way off, the sound effects and music weren't as good, the level design was terrible at times and the bosses were a real let down in comparison to 2. They also added the difficulty factor to the progression as well, so you could only beat the game on hard I think. And that tied to the balancing and annoying bosses and stages just made it a chore to playthough (the 3 Ninjas are so boring as a boss).

It was the ultimate example of doing a sequel wrong, whereas 2 is the ultimate example (along with Dynasty Warriors 3 and Street Fighter 2) of doing a sequel right.