the new iPhone preorder question

So my wife and I are on an AT&T family plan with my sister, who actually lives in a different state which gets HORRIBLE service. So horrible, they just shut off her data completely because it was always roaming. While on the phone with the young gent, he informed us that we could leave AT&T completely ETF free as a family because of the disruption of service. My wife and I get great service in Southern California, but have decided to switch to Verizon when the new iPhone comes out based on the simple fact that they have LTE in our area, whereas AT&T doesn't.

My question, and I do have one, is this:

If the new iPhone is available for preorder, will I be able to preorder multiple iPhones on a new Verizon Share Everything plan? I know the Share Everything plan is in tact for buying the current model, but not sure how it works for multiple iPhone preorders. Will I simply have to preorder one and create a new share everything plan, and then preorder the other while putting in my new Verizon information? Does anyone remember how preorders worked for new accounts and multiple iPhones on the last preorder?

Just curious because I want the transition to go smoothly.