The Verge Android app - holoified (updated)

OK, so I hated The Verge's Android app when it released, so I thought 'I'm gonna redo this.' Didn't get round to it till now.

Some explanation: the top bar of tabs on the original app is replaced by a spinner - that's what the little triangle is by The Verge logo.

I've removed pull-to-refresh.

I've kept the bottom bar of tabs in. I don't know how else to do the tabs; they need to be non swipe-able, as there's already a swipe-able object on the page (the headlines slider). This means they can't really go at the top, so in this respect, I think they work better at the bottom. If you have a better idea, please suggest it!

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More explanation: because this page is mostly content (and I'm not editing the content), I didn't have much to do here. I edited the share icon and the comments icon, edited some spacing, and that's about it.

Next up is the comments view. I really think this is the worst view in the whole app, so I'll probably completely redesign it.