What is an "Android Power User"?

Before I start I would like to lay my cards on the table and state a few facts about myself. I love Apple hardware and Software. I also love Google and Microsoft Software. I love Nokia phones, HTC phones, Samsung phones, Apple phones and generally phones that look good and function well. If I could and if it was reasonable and practical, I would walk around with an iPhone4S, an HTC OneX, a Nokia Lumia 900 and a Samsung S3. But for me it’s really not practical to walk around with 4 phones, and also I really don’t need 4 different phone numbers and most importantly I can’t afford to buy 4 phones. Which brings me to my main point, since I can only afford 1 phone at a time, I have always chosen to have the iphone. But this does not mean that I think the other phones are useless, heck they are even cheaper and “apparently” have more features. So this brings me to the purpose of my post, the features of Android.

It seems like a really silly question, but I’ll ask it anyways, “What really makes Android more Powerfull than iOS?” In fact the other part of the question is, “What/Who is an Android Power User?” These are usually the phrases that always get thrown around in these tech discussions (arguments) between Android vs iPhone (note: I said Android vs iPhone, which I think should be Android vs iOS). For the record I don’t think Android is rubbish and I don’t wish for it to die, in fact I want it to succeed. For Android to succeed iOS doesn’t have to die, neither does any other OS for that matter. That said, I would really like to find out from Android users who these “Power Users” are and what these “Powerful features” are

My usage of my phone is first and foremost, making calls, then chatting with friends and family through various IM apps, reading and composing email, listening to music, taking photos, tweeting, facebooking (terrible app), watching random videos on various apps, playing games, browsing the web through various apps and generally installing various apps from the app store. For what I have described, the iphone does this exceptionally well for me. I am happy with it and I know millions of other people are happy with it too. But you know what, I can still do all that stuff on my old Samsung D900, the only difference being the efficiency and fluidity of doing it on an iphone is by far greater than on the D900. So for me that’s what I use my phone for and I know someone out there is saying but you can do all that on a cheap Android phone, why do you need to buy an overpriced phone, sheep!! So if I can do all that nicely on my iPhone, what exactly can be done better on Android?

I believe that’s what most people I know do on their smartphones, call, email, text, games, photos, facebook, music, videos and this is on both platforms, iOS and Android. Even my so called Power user friends seem to do the same stuff on their Android phones. The only difference I see functionally between Android and iOS is that Android has widgets and is more customisable in terms of how the home screen looks and how you can change the default apps. Is the ability to change the default browser, change your homescreen, change keyboards and add widgets the description of powerful functionality?

The purpose of this post is not to incite a fanboy war on which platform is better, but rather to understand what an “Android Power User” is. I would like to understand when someone says Android has more features than iOS, what exactly are these features that are more superior? For someone who wants to make calls, send IM to friends and family, listen to music, read and compose emails, play games, check facebook and twitter, take random photos and browsing the web, how does Android offer more functions over iOS when performing these tasks?