Opening Day: What's your best unboxing experience?

Remember that video of the N64 kids screaming and slapping at the box?

I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited to crack the box on anything but its probably my favorite part of getting a new toy. The excitement lingers a little longer when the box is beautiful, when there are tabs of things to go through, and upon the discovery of free stuff.

Big tickets like 27” computers and 46” TVs may be unwieldy and sap some of my joy. Some people might say the first iPhone or iPad they’ve ever bought was their best experience. Removing the cellophane and then the lid to reveal the glass slab in front of them. Here, I can’t really feel the iDevice excitement anymore, I did tech support where I had to open and set-up about 500 iPads.

So, let me know what your best unboxing experience was? Was it because the packaging was insane like the Dell Adamo? or was it because the product struck a special cord?

The most enjoyable unboxing for me was cracking open my 15GB iPod 3rd-generation. Removing the sleeve, opening the mouth, and finding about 6 square feet of styrofoam in it.