Nikon Rumors today published the first photos of an oft-rumored Android-based Coolpix camera along with shots of the as-yet-unannounced Coolpix P7700. The rumor site has established a decent track record of spoiling Nikon's announcement plans and it looks to have struck again with these latest images.

Unfortunately there's not much we can take away from the few pictures of that purported Android shooter. The rear of the Coolpix camera reveals a touchscreen running some variation of Android 2.3 Gingerbread complete with app icons for camera, browser, email, and music, among others. Strangely, the Nikon Rumors post includes photos of two different cameras despite mentioning only one Android-powered device, confusion which has us hesitant to read too much into these leaks — which could just as easily be early renders or mockups.


Thankfully we've got a much clearer understanding of the Coolpix P7700. Presumed to be the successor of Nikon's Coolpix P7100, the P7700 appears aimed at the advanced point-and-shoot crowd and features a number of manual controls alongside an articulating display. Much like Canon did with its PowerShot G12 earlier in the year, Nikon has added a new front dial placed conveniently where your index finger will likely rest on the camera.

Nikon Rumors expects announcements for both cameras to arrive "on or around" Wednesday, August 22nd, so hopefully we'll know more about the latest Coolpix hardware before long.