Nexus 7 low storage warning

I got a low storage warning when I have less than 500MB free space available (440MB to be exact), and you can't get rid of it from the notification bar. That's annoying! If I had less than 100 or 50MB left, sure, but 440MB is still a good amount of space. Even worse, the Nexus 7 decided to stop syncing all the Google accounts I have (the wifi icon turned grey instead of blue, signalling a disconnection from Google services) with the error saying due to low storage. Why? This is akin to my issue with the Nexus One on Froyo, where it stops receiving SMS when there's 50MB left on the storage (which is plenty for a bunch of SMS).

I can probably understand the warning, but to stop syncing the Google accounts? With 400+MB left? :rolleyes: