As a few of you know, I have volunteered to do a Guild Wars 2 FAQ:Polygon edition (Looking at Wednesday or Thursday posting.) While I have started with a bunch of questions that I have seen here and around other forums and in-game, I would like to compile as many questions as I can.

They don't necessarily need to be related to BWE gameplay. I have followed this game religiously since its announcement. I've played the game on many occasions dating back to October 2010 (back in the day, when we had mana bars.) I've attended MANY panels and Q&A's with the developers, and have bumped elbows with quite a few of them at a post-convention after party. We've discussed everything from endgame content to design philosophies.

Some topics of interest include:
-Game Mechanics
-Backstory/Lore Basics (Specifically for those of you who haven't played GW1)
-Endgame Content
-Black Lion Trading Company (Cash Shop)

Once the FAQ is posted, this thread will be locked, and the Q&A will continue in that thread. I plan on keeping it updated through the general launch timeframe.

(At this time I am not able to comment on the Polygon Guild, other than that there will indeed be one. Xylent may read this thread and be able to answer your questions, though.)