Google pays attorneys for their opinion as well


The other day The Verge tore Florian Mueller a new one.

Which I felt was uncalled for or could have been done in a more decent manner.

Anyway, many have been dissing Mr. Mueller, Oracle and even Microsoft for this whole debacle.

Now after The Verge posted that the Judge in the Oracle VS Google case wants further clarification things are getting interesting since Google seems to be a saint to some here.

Most importantly while digging up dirt I came upon this:

Editor’s note: Before publishing this article. we asked a representative for the author whether the author had ever had a commercial relationship with Google, paid or unpaid. The representative said no. It turns out that was untrue. The author, in fact, has been paid by Google to write pro-Google white papers. Had we known of that fact, we would never have published this piece. We apologize to our readers.


I'm not saying that people need to crucify this man, but if people are going to bash Microsoft, Oracle etc.. then they can go ahead and add Google to that list.

Hang'em High gentlemen, Hang'em high!