Warner Bros. has extended the redemption deadlines that accompany many of the studio's Blu-ray/DVD digital copies until May 2017. First reported by Tech of The Hub, we've been able to confirm that many titles in WB's catalog have received the new expiration date, giving Blu-ray buyers another chance to redeem codes that previously lapsed. The Dark Knight and Gran Torino, two films with Digital Copy codes that have been expired for some time, now reflect the revised date of May 17th, 2017 on Warner's help website.

Some users have reported that expired codes are once again being accepted by iTunes, though others have been forced to contact WB's customer service to receive an updated redemption key. It's unclear why Warner would decide to randomly extend such a deadline, particularly for titles that have been available for several years now — some of which are even out of print. Still, we'd love to see other studios follow their lead. Eliminating the worry of expiration takes care of one of the downsides that came with Digital Copy, the preferred digital companion to Blu-ray media before last year's introduction of UltraViolet.

By all accounts, however, UltraViolet has struggled to resonate with consumers, so we don't expect to see studios abandon Digital Copy anytime soon. Thanks to this Warner Bros. extension, you've got all the more reason to hunt for old bargain bin Blu-rays that include one.