IOS6 ideas

I think we were all slightly disappointed with the IOS6 announcement. I mean, come on, we waited a year and all they give us is a mapping app? The only fairly decent part was the announcement that Siri was coming to the retina iPad. Not really a surprise, but it should make setting reminders easier. Either way, it got me thinking, is there something they're hiding? I almost instantly realized this was stupid. But I couldn't stop thinking about features I'd like. So this is going to be a feature request list. Yay.

1. Make iLife for ios standard on all IOS6 devices.
I believe this one would be handy, especially in the case of iPhoto, which could finally have some usefull album and event management if it had a few hooks into the OS. iMovie could be linked into the camera app, so you could edit video straight after taking it.

2. Notification center improvements
Copy android. swallow your damn pride.
Jellybeans notification system is awesome, and a must have for IOS.

3. Give Us some iPad style gestures for an alternative to pressing the home button
Honestly, not a must have, but they'd be a start towards a buttonless iPhone.
not the same as iPad though. I dont know how the five finger scrunch thing would work, but some kind of similar three finger scrunch thing would be cool.

What do you think?
Whats you N#1 feature for ios6?