The Polyknights - Our official GW2 Guild



Guildwars 2 has been out for two weeks now. With 86 members and counting we will soon be taking our next steps as a guild...

As the Polyknights.

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The Polyknights will first and foremost be a community. Our priority is to provide fellow Polynauts an opportunity to play with familiar names or faces--creating a friendly community where all Polynauts can enjoy Guildwars 2 together. This will be our Guildwars 2 chapter.

The entry requirements are simple, you only have to be a member of the Polygon community.

There are a few rules

  1. The Polygon community guidelines apply to the guild and all guild related communication.
  2. Polyknights is about community and fun--even though it is WvW, this is not real war.
  3. Friends and family first--play with anyone or any guild and nobody can hold that against you.

Guild details

  • We will be gathering on "Sanctum of Rall" as our NA home server. EU players can meet on Whiteside Ridge. Choose either of these servers is not a requirement of membership.
  • Polyknights will have a dedicated WvW team--these are the Polynauts that must chose Sanctum of Rall.
  • We are not following a command structure outside of WvW. Guild leaders and officers only manage and take care of operations they do not give out orders.
  • Time and scheduling of play would be difficult judging how people are likely to be spread out over different time zones. Currently we don't have much in way of accommodating everybody. To be fair guild times will be set to Pacific time, ten hours both ways to Australia and Europe. (I'm on Eastern)

FAQ for GW2 by Dyskresiac/Lynith. The GW2 Online Manual is also available now.


We will be hosting events as a guild. Right now we are working ways to deliver these important announcements to our guild members and figuring out the best way to schedule these to accommodate all our members. In the mean time Follow us @ThePolyknights. Future updates will be available there and the guild MotD (in-game). (also #Lynithrules)


Guild Leaders:

  1. Lynith (NA): Lynith.2780
  2. Phil K (NA) : KefkaTaran.4576
  3. Salias (NA) : Salias.1647
  4. Shaun (EU): --soon--
  5. XenoSilence (NA) : xenosilence.3728
  6. Kapzer (EU): Kapzer.8405

Mention that you are from the forums.

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We also have a ventrilo now!
Port 3799
PW polygon
For the moment, I prefer it be used for Guild Wars 2 because we don’t have too many slots. Ideally, we’ll grow with clanpay (I’m not paying for 50-100 slots =X) we can have non-Polyknights.