Mobile Maps - Destructive for the GPS kingpins?

While navigation technology is still in its infancy stages on on mobile phones (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Nokia Drive), they will eventually evolve into something far more refined and better integrated than the flurry of automotive GPS consoles currently on sale.







The question is, how will the GPS kingpins such as TomTom,Garmin & Navigon survive in this industry where a substantial amount of their revenue is derived from selling their seasonal touch screen units and maps updates, when companies such as Google/Apple are providing GPS functionality, for what is essentially free?

One may argue Garmin, TomTom & Navigon also have their feet dipped into other areas such as GPS for boats, planes and map development,etc but the bottom line is that they do make a substantial chunk of their income from selling automtive GPS units. With smartphone sales soaring, regardless of what platform consumers purchase, automotive GPS units are on the verge of extinction.

How do you think companies such as Garmin, TomTom and Navigon can compete with Apple and Google?