An affordable unlimited LTE data plan and the LG Motion weren't all MetroPCS had to share at its New York City event today. The carrier also outlined its hardware plans for the fall and revealed that Samsung's Galaxy S III will be available before the end of 2012. Phone Scoop reports that the flagship handset is currently undergoing testing and says a release is planned for "later this year." Further, following up on its launch of Voice over LTE services earlier in the month, MetroPCS today unveiled a VoLTE-enabled Samsung smartphone with a surprisingly small form factor — a departure from Samsung's recent affinity for oversized devices.

Additional upcoming hardware options include a low-end smartphone dubbed "Coolpad' set for launch in the near future, perhaps as soon as this week according to Phone Scoop. A ZTE-branded handset with a 4.3-inch display rounds out the product roadmap, though much like it did with the Samsung hardware, MetroPCS shied away from providing a specific release date.