Windows 8 and the Future of our Computers

Yesterday, I finally wiped and re-installed the most recent preview of Windows 8 on my desktop. This is the release preview, meaning it's basically all the way done, and ready to be pressed and shipped and sold come January. Let me put it plainly: it's ready. This operating system is great.

I've been using Ubuntu as my primary operating system for a few years now. I've had Windows XP and Vista and finally 7 installed on secondary hard drives as a sort of 'just in case' measure that saved me on multiple occasions, but for the most part it was a necessary evil. Xp and Vista were both limited, awkward, and made using my computer harder than it ought to have been. Both were old, and poorly considered, and didn't match how I actually wanted to use my computer. It could take hours to get a clean install to the point where I could actually use it, as opposed to the 20 minutes that it would take me to both install and tweak Ubuntu to exactly what I wanted.

I wrote a somewhat long (1000 words or so) analysis and thoughts about Windows 8 as compared against other operating systems I've used, and where I think computers are headed. The above is the first 2 paragraphs. If you are interested, here is the original post: