How an Apple fan Turned Windows and loved every second of it.

So i used to be a pretty big apple fan. I mean i would read news only about what they were doing, i would check their stock, i would watch videos about them, i was hooked into the apple trap. I Used a mac with Garageband and Photoshop for music and design. I had an iPod, i would watch the keynotes and really wanted an iPad and iPhone but something changed. There was this thing called Windows 8 in the news. I live near Seattle so i thought why not read what Microsoft is up to. It is the competition after all so lets see how bad they are doing. That was at least my thoughts going into the article.

After reading that article, i sat and thought "Hmmm, that sounds kinda cool..." and i thought about how Apple was adding an App Store to Macs, but it didnt bring touch to Desktops. It Mixed the iPad with OSX but took out the touch screen part. And for me, i have wanted a tablet longer then i had been an Apple fan. When i saw what Microsoft was doing i wanted it. Finally there was a product where i could draw with my pen in a screen like i would my sketch books, but i could also still run Photoshop and it would all be on a tablet. This was way before the surface even came.

Soon i started to watch MSFT stock and wanted AAPL to drop in stock. I got the Win 8 Previews, i read MSFT news. I had completely given up on Apple and loved MSFT over just the fact that i wanted windows 8. As i read more about it, i knew that Apple would never do anything like this and how much they really just wanted you to buy their product. I started to feel like i was just a pawn in their chess set.

So many people have been MSFT fans for years and hate the new OS but i find it to be the best thing ever. I may be one of few but while some see MSFT dying with this product, i say it is a new birth for them. There are many young people like me who want something that looks dated to othesr. As the saying goes history does repeat itself and with MSFT they seem to be seeing this and heading for it. MSFT has always been ahead of the game but could never execute it right. I hope that with Windows 8 they will finally be able to take the lead they deserve. People give them so much flack for stealing ideas and not being creative or whatever they whine about but as far as i know, they do more research for new technology and innovate more often then Apple could dream of. Apple just takes old hardware that has been proven to be good and makes it look shiny. Microsoft builds the future however clunky it may look now, and then Apple takes it 5 years later and puts metal and glass on it

One thing that i really want to see is MSFT actually becoming a hardware maker and software maker and taking one if their research products, making just as shiny as Apple makes things and watch as Apple and the rest try to catch up to the future MSFT has built. Also, one last note. I am glad that MSFT has taken a nose dive down. They may be behind but that is not a problem for them. They just need to dust off and go again. They have a chance to make a new name for themselves. They no longer have to be know as the Blue Screen of Death. they dont have the be virus magnet anymore. Now they can remake a new image of fast, fluid and beautiful as i am sure they will. This is MSFT's time to shine.