DARPA's Plan X aims to revolutionize the US military's ability to conduct cyberwarfare, and the agency is hosting a "Proposers' Day Workshop" in September to hammer out their vision, Wired reports. In a document announcing the workshop (PDF), DARPA envisions a system that would serve up a high-level view of the Internet, analyzing granular metrics like latency and bandwidth to offer assessments on the relative vulnerability of targets anywhere in the world.

The proposal also calls for preliminary research into systems that could develop mission plans automatically, which DARPA describes as "similar to the auto-pilot function in modern aircraft." DARPA takes pains to note that Plan X isn't about creating the next Stuxnet, but the agency has made calls-to-arms to beef up the United States' cyber-warfare capabilities in the past. The results of the Proposers' Day workshop are anticipated to be released by the end of September; and no, sessions aren't open to general public or the press.