If there's one thing most people seem to agree on regarding Twitter's opaque new guidelines for developers, it's that third-party clients are the most likely services to suffer. Some client developers are staying optimistic, however — the creators of Tweetbot and Twittelator are continuing to work on their apps, and now the team behind Twitterrific has issued the most bullish statement yet on the matter. The Iconfactory says it's been working on a "major update" to its app for a while, and after consulting with Twitter is confident that nothing will need to be changed.

"For the past several months, we've been working on a major update to Twitterrific that we're very excited about. There were concerns that this new version might end up on the cutting room floor prior to Twitter's announcement, but after reviewing the new restrictions and speaking with the team at Twitter, we're pleased to report that our development plans remain unchanged.

We're re-doubling our efforts to bring you an all-new version of Twitterrific: one that complies with Twitter's new guidelines and makes reading and posting to Twitter even easier and more fun."

The post doesn't go into detail about the update's new features, but we should be hearing more about it "in the days and weeks ahead." Twitterrific has been one of the most popular and enduring third-party Mac and iOS clients since it launched in 2007 — it's even been credited with using a blue bird logo before Twitter itself did — so it's encouraging to hear of a positive future.