ImgurDice - Shuffle through the random depths of imgur

ImgurDice for Android shuffles you through the depth of public pictures on imgur. Be it someone's cat with a spider in its fangs, old molded lunch, some kid's inept take on rage-comics or someone's addiction to some random supermodel. There's no way to know in advance what void the refresh-button will open up.

Yet, be advised: what once has been seen, can not made unseen.

Xcjsf_medium Icsav_medium




- One-click shuffle through imgur
- No ads, just pure eye-joy!
- Share treasures (or nightmares) with your friends
- GIF-support (ofc!)
- Save to SD for further inspection
- Less than 4 pandas were harmed during the inception of this list

Features to be unlocked in future DLCs:

- History to re-see what not should be seen in the first place
- Shakedat booty / swipe dat hip to shuffle
- Indicator to current dicing situation
- Flag inappropriate pictures (i.e. everything yugioh)

We'd really like to get some feedback on this yet so simple app - thanks already and have fun - on your own risk, ofc :)


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