When Windows 8 devices will finally hit market?

Yes, I know that the Windows 8 software itself is released at October this year, but the software release don’t magically transform current get W7 devices to touch oriented W8 hardware Most device available today are designed based on KB/M combo experience of Windows 7, and these devices can’t experience the Full W8 experience because most of these device don’t have touchscreen

Yes, I know there Gorilla Arm problem when using touchscreen at 90 degrees angle but most W8 pc will already solve the problem in some way, Like HP Touchsmart that able to tilt) But, there already dozen of PC that designed for Windows 8 experience that has been announced, obvious stuff

The Real question is when Windows 8 Experience PC will be finally replacing Windows 7 based PC on the market?, When the flood of touch enabled laptop and desktop hit the market?, I predict that the early adopter version of Windows 8 devices will come in the first 3 month of release, while the critical mass of Windows 8 Experience device replacing Windows 7 PC is at early 2013, What’s your prediction?