YouTube today announced the Elections Hub, a portal that the video site describes as a "one-stop channel for key political moments" between now and the moment US voters head to the polls this November. The hub will offer live coverage of speeches from both the Democratic and Republican conventions over the next few weeks, and viewers will also be able to stream the Presidential/Vice Presidential debates starting in October. Further, Google is using Elections Hub as a venue for promoting its own services, promising Google+ Hangouts with unspecified "power brokers" behind the scenes of the election cycle.

In addition to official video content from campaigns and political parties, Elections Hub will offer footage from a variety of news sources including ABC News, Al Jazeera English, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. BuzzFeed, Larry King, Phil DeFranco, and Univision will also contribute reporting and analysis to the hub. The Elections Hub is already open for your perusal, with the current YouTube Spotlight focused on Missouri Rep. Todd Akin's apology for his heinous rape commentary this past weekend.

We're nowhere near the pinnacle of this campaign season — one which has already embraced technology unlike any before it — so Elections Hub might be a handy bookmark for those scrambling to keep up with the latest.