Questions about LTE in the UK

As I'm sure you know, Everything Everywhere has been granted a licence to offer LTE in the UK from September 11th. I wanted to know some details about the UK implementation of LTE...

1) Will UK LTE offer simultaneous voice and data connectivity (VoLTE)?

2) EE (and presumably Three) will be using the 1800MHz Spectrum, and companies like Vodafone will use other parts of the spectrum (800 + 2.6GHz) . Like with 3G, does the part of the spectrum effect signal quality and coverage? What ranges of the spectrum are best for indoor signal strength, and which is best for being able to cover long distances etc?

3) Is the UK implementation of LTE the very latest LTE technology? I've seen reports of LTE+ or LTE Advanced (with much faster speeds), and I'm not sure if they are the same thing, or newer technology?

4) In what could be a reversal of the US LTE roll out, might an potential EE exclusive iPhone 4G give Apple a competitive advantage over Android in the UK, or do you think Android OEM's will be able to quickly get LTE Android phones to the UK market?

5) Are there any Android phones currently available to purchase (online) which will definitely by compatible with EE's LTE? HTC One XL? Samsung Galaxy SII HD LTE?

6) And finally... do you think EE being able to roll out LTE "early" is a good thing for competition in the long term?