Android/Google Wish List

With Google Play now having physical gift cards, it checks one thing off of my Android wish list. My first Android phone was the HTC Incredible and then the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon after that. There's many things that Android does well that I really like, but there's a couple of lacking features that I wish Google would get right. Please feel free to post your own wish list below.

  • Family Google accounts. My wife and I both have Google accounts and use Android-powered phones. If I buy an app, it seems redundant that she needs to buy it as well. This is where I feel that Apple gets it right. It would be nice to be able to share our music collection that's under my account with her for Google Music as well.
  • Google Play Magazines. If I can already get a digital subscription with my physical one, why do I have to pay again just to get it through the Google Play store? Especially when you don't have to with the Kindle Fire or B&N Nook Tablet.
  • High resolution contact images. With older phones, it wasn't a big deal, but with my Galaxy Nexus and the newest phones, the old size of 96x96 for contact pictures just makes my contacts look blurry. I know you can get a high resolution image for each contact for the Galaxy Nexus, but that's only stored locally. Google Contacts still keeps the low resolution image. I only found out after spending hours finding a high resolution image for each of my contacts (thanks OCD), root, and then find out that the low resolution image was saved when my phone was being repopulated with contacts.
  • Speaking of rooting, I would love for app data to be stored so that if anyone had to perform a factory reset, app data could be restored. The same would be nice for text messages, wifi settings, etc. I know I can do this with Titanium Backup, but you shouldn't need to root in order for this to work. Again, another area where I feel Apple has done a great job. If I get a new phone, I would love for all my apps and data be migrated along with it.
  • Consolidate messaging apps. I have messaging for texts, Google Talk for chatting, and Google Voice for everything else and that's not even counting Google+ Hangouts and Messenger. It would be great to consolidate all these apps under one place. I want to be able to switch from SMS to Google Talk when that person is signed in. If I want to have a video chat with them, Google Talk should be able to switch to Hangouts. Google Voice would also be in this, so that I don't need to open up two different apps to text people based on which number I've given them. The best example of this would be iMessage.
I think that's about it in terms of a wish list. I don't know how easy or hard these things would be to implement, but it doesn't seem like too much work. Android has made such great strides in such a short amount of time, it's a wonderful time to be a technology consumerist!