If you're an Xbox 360 owner and somehow haven't picked up a Kinect yet, now's the time — Microsoft just dropped the price of its motion-tracking peripheral to $109.99 in the US. That's a nice drop from the $149.99 that the Kinect cost previously (and still sells for on the Microsoft Store, at least for the moment). As for those not in the US, Microsoft also confirmed a price drop coming soon to all of North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific regions where the Kinect is currently sold, though the price will vary by regions and Microsoft wasn't ready to announce the specific reductions yet. Those in Australia and New Zealand will also be able to get the Kinect at a discounted price starting October 5th, though again we're not sure what the new price will be for those regions. Unfortunately, there aren't any plans for a price drop in Europe, Japan, the Middle East, or Africa. US users should be able to get the less-expensive Kinect immediately — the price drop is already in place at both Amazon and Best Buy.