Can anyone explain this glitch in Win 7? Please!


I'll keep it short and sweet, Sony Vaio i5 2.50 6GB RAM Win 7 etc. This laptop is equipped with dual video cards which can be interesting sometimes, upgraded the drivers for one of the two about 6 months ago but for the past week or two, I am intermittently getting this really weird glitch usually while:

A) watching flash and/or
B) manipulating windows (minimizing, maximizing, show desktop etc).

It's not a show-stopped because it goes away if you play with the windows a bit but it's really starting to piss me off, any ideas?? (PS yes this is re-created in Photoshop because I don't think a screen dump will capture the glitch and when I do have a physical camera ready to go, I can't recreate it when I am waiting for it)

Has anyone else seen anything like this?