Apple has pulled the "Genius" ads from YouTube

I think Apple got the message loud and clear on the "Genius" ads they ran during the Olympics because they have pulled these ads from their YouTube channel according to To those who would say "Steve would never have approved these ads" it is important to remember that this is not the first time Apple has ran ads that did not resonate with the general consumer audience. Coming off the heels of their legendary "1984" Superbowl ad, Apple ran their "Lemmings" ad in the next Superbowl. The ad depicted suit-wearing IT professionals as mindless drones following IBM off a cliff. Needless to say, most IT professionals did not take kindly to being mocked in that way and Apple's Mac probably faired worse for having run the ad than if they had not run it. Oddly, the "Lemmings" ad was done by the same ad agency as the "1984" ad and they partly convinced Apple on it by reminding them how well their previous Superbowl ad was received.

I am glad the "Genius" ads have been pulled. I recognize the message that Apple was trying to convey, but I did not feel that these Genius ads conveyed it. Instead they conveyed the message of Macs being hard to use or Mac users being especially incompetent. Even if there are a multitude of technically incompetent people in the world you need to remind those people that Macs are easy to use and then simply leave a little bit of time at the end of the commercial for the new Mac user to be shaking hands with a Genius while the voice-over says something like "and if you find you could use a hand, our Apple Store Geniuses and One-to-One classes are always available to help".

Pulling these ads was such a better solution than pressing forward with them. I'm glad Apple has recognized that.