Would you change your gaming habits?

So I was posting in Polynauts Central about my adventure of replacing my PS3 hard drive, and the headache that ensued from such a simple procedure. In the end though, I basically spent $60ish I didn’t want to and will not buy a game I wanted to balance the budget.

But it got me thinking, do I need to buy an new HDD? That is, right now. Can I wait until my budget comes in line and I save the money rather than buying it now and paying later? I mean, this is basic economics here, and is my desire to continue my hobby of gaming stronger than my desire to stay out of debt? Okay, that is a totally different post for a totally different time but track with me here.

So I thought to myself, what would my other options be? Could I change my gaming habits?

I do have a nice laptop I can play games on. What if I only played games on that? What if I did that for a year (just to pick an arbitrary number)? How would my life change? Could I do it? Would I go back to my PS3 afterward or join the glorious PC gaming elite? It perked my interest.

So I thought about it another way. I am not buying a new game to allow for budget of my HDD. So what if I never bought new games? What if I took a vow to never buy a game until it has been released for 12 months? 15 months? Even if it is new and on sale for a fraction of the cost, just don’t do it. If a game goes on sale that early then in a year surly those types of sales would pop up again, or even a better one.

What if I decided not to buy a game for a year? Not new, not used, not something 12 months old and on sale. Could I do that? Think about it. If you are like me you have a library of great games ranging over various platforms. But even if we stick to current gen games, don’t you have enough? When is enough, enough? Seriously, I have over 80 PS3 games. 80 discs! Sure, some of them are total crap; absolute crap. But tons of them are good. That also doesn’t count PSN games, full game downloads, DLC etc… And that is one platform for me (my primary one, but still only one). Can’t I spend a year playing those games over?

I have been thinking about that in the back of my mind recently. Going back and playing games again (which I do, but not as much as I want to). I haven’t played Heavenly Sword since 2007. It was a fun game. I have been meaning to go back and play it again. Metal Gear Solid 4, it has trophies now…but even if it doesn’t isn’t it worth a second play? I didn’t like it as much as most MGS fans, but it wasn’t bad. I was sitting with my wife talking and I remarked at that specific moment I wanted nothing more than to play COD4 again. Right then and there. Time didn’t allow for it, and I didn’t do it, but I really wanted to. So why not do it? Why do I need to be excited about Resident Evil 6 when I enjoyed RE5 so much? Or 4? Or anything.

So I ask this to you; Can you change your gaming habits? We are all different and I know there are some people who don’t buy any new games as it is, etc… so whatever your habit, can you change it? Could you ditch your PC to play on console for a year? Or vice versa? Could you stop playing new games and go back to NES and play every iteration of those games you have? I’m not asking that you do it. I’m not even close to saying we should all vow together to do something like this for 2013. Yeah, and then drink some Kool-Aid. But I thought it was an interesting path to explore, and learn a bit more about yourself, your gaming trends/habits, and really see where your boundaries are, the real ones, not the emotional decisions.

So then, what would your change be? And do you think you could do it?