ICANN's attempts to distribute generic top-level domains have been frought with security issues and controversial decisions, and now the group has extended the window for public comments for an extra 45 days. Buzzfeed has collected a few of the over 6,300 comments that ICANN received during the original time frame, ranging from amusing quips to serious debates over controversial issues. From complaints about .wtf being an abbreviation for profanity to the misinformed idea that registering .adult would lead to "more pornography on the internet," some of the public commentary is delightfully frank, even if it shows a misunderstanding of the issue at hand.

Several organized campaigns and petitions were filed against .sex and .gay domains in attempt to communicate large numbers of opposition, while others took to lone, reasoned discussion to portray their support or disdain. Other domain names like .art and .islam provoked thoughtful debates on who exactly has the right to own and speak for these broad concepts. To take a look at the highlights of this first round of public commentary, head over to Buzzfeed using the source link below.