Browser Benchmarks

So you might have seen Google announced a new browser benchmark: Octane. I was wondering what your general take was on this sort of tests?

The reason why I ask is because since I installed W8 RTM I've been using IE10 after years of using google chrome (since day 1 of google chrome in fact). And to be honest I am very happy with it so far, my only problem with it is that I wish it had a better adblocker. From the forums I can see that I am not the only one that is liking IE10. In this new Octane browser benchmark I get something really abysmal like 4000 while with chrome I get around 13000. However from personal experience I can say that the general user experience is pretty much equal with either browser.

So what's your take on these tests? Are they at all representative of anything?

Note: It is important to note that this is a JavaScript benchmark and it's simply possible that IE10 sucks at javascript but because I haven't encountered much javascript from day to day I don't feel like the test is representative.