Mac Tab is coming!?

A recent report claimed that Apple is asking vendors to increase their tablet displays as a precursor to Apple's September announcement. While most speculate this is proof that there is an iPad Mini on the horizon, I am not buying it. How much space would they really need for a smaller iPad? Really, how much?

Yes the iPad Mini (please do not use that name) would be a sorta, kinda moderately sized deal, but its not an amazing thing. We have seen seven-inch tablets, and really this item will not have anything we haven't already seen in the iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone.

I think more than the iPhone announcement, Apple is going to throw the gauntlet down, "double down" on touch screens and bring out something that shows Cook and Co. are keeping up the legacy.

In short, the MacTab.

Without any leaks of components, no lost test mules from a bar, or anything to back this up, I think we can get a good idea of the MacTab will be like - an 11" tablet that will share its retina display with a touchscreen Macbook Air. It will come in silver or black (not white) have dual HD cameras, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, headphone jack. And, with a thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable (as well as Bluetooth/WiFi connection) the MacTab can be used as an interface and/or second monitor for your Mac.

The Mac Tab will have a magnetically attaching keyboard available, one that uses conductive power (no plugs). I know it sounds like the Surface, but here is the difference - Apple will beat both the RT and Intel pads to market, shipping Oct. 15 (iPhone production will ramp down, and then MacTab will ramp up).

No buttons except a power button on the side - multi-touch will be joined by a new type of "hot corners" where touching a user-designated corner will add additional controls. A sensor built into the bezel will allow unlock by dragging your finger over a part of the surface.

The only downfall is price. This will cost more than a decked out 13" Air (which will not get touchscreen capabilities yet, only Retina Display) This will be much more than the Surface RT, but hey, thats what the iPad will compete against. I feel Apple will also have a Jobsian quote when asked about much larger touch screens. "What we see is that once you go above 13 inches, people do not really use a touchscreen. They are too big and you just lose sense of things being close to a big screen." They will point to the large touchscreen computers and how most people think its a gimmick.

Of course, in three years, all Apple products, except for the Shuffle and ATV, will have touch screens.