Dan! Hey, Dan! Hey, new guy! How are you doing? Enjoying your first week? We're glad to hear... what's that? Hazing? No, we don't do hazing. That's uncouth. We're a civilized organization. But hey, since you're here, could you just stand on the 'x' for us. Yep, that's great. Actually, a little bit to the left. Perfect. Now stand up straight. Smile a little more, it makes you sound better. Happier. Act like you want to be here. (Hey Robbie, can we move that light a bit? There we go.) Okay, give us just one second... just focusing... okay, great! Alright, look at camera one and start with "Hey this is Dan..."

Stories of the day:

Correction: We erroneously featured a different camera here, the P7700, instead of the S800c. Our apologies.

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