At this rate, Windows 8 may have more tablet apps than Android at launch

Have you been paying attention to the Store these days? It seems like the submission rate is increasing day by day (as expected) and there may be Well above 500 apps right now and the OS has not even fully launched yet.Yes, most are low quality technical demo type of apps from unknown developers and some are desktop apps links but anyways, 2/3 of the Apps on iOS apps store have never been downloaded, and better yet, there are some very cool apps in the Store already, example Tuba.

Still pending to see most "must have" like Google specific services, official facebook, tweeter, etc... I also expect to see much more web based apps like Pulse launching as well, but at this rate, Windows 8 may be having more tablet apps at launch than the few thousands Android has.

Apps make or break a platform, expert say, and if this is right, this is a very important milestone towards defeating Android as a desirable tablet OS, not only that but also apps like Tweetro are better IMHO than equivalent tweeter clients on Android at the moment.

This "Content first" paradigm is really what sets the Windows 8 experience apart form the competition, I wish apps like Windows Phone "Metro Tube" (from the makers of Tweetro) come to the market by Oct. 26.

Before any Android fan gets offended, yes, I know (by hard) that all Android apps can run on tablets, I have an Android tablet and the only use I'm giving it for now is occasional web browsing and play some games, I do my social media and productivity on Windows 8. And yes I'm not talking about iOS yet because first things come first, Android will be the main rival at the price ranges that most of Windows 8 RT is going to selling for.