Facebook has reportedly started deleting user accounts with "cosplay" in the name. The term is a portmanteau of "costume" and "play" and refers to performing as dressed up characters that are often taken from manga, movies, or video games. While none of this is particularly unusual, Facebook has apparently taken umbrage with the use of the term in people's account names, considering it a terms of service violation. Speaking to the Daily Dot, cosplayer Iggy Tisera said he kept a separate second account called Iggy Cosplay that was dedicated to his hobby, but it recently got deleted without warning along with many others.

Facebook has said that it believes around 4.8 percent of its active accounts are duplicates, and the service has a policy that people must use their real names. Cosplayers are free to create fan pages with any name they like, but Iggy said that he felt using a regular account was "much more personable." Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin says the use of real names is the social network's biggest strength, but it seems that may not be compatible with keeping personal and professional lives separate.