Help! I need a computer for school!

Okay guys, I have a little problem. School starts the 27th and i still don't have my computer. I did just buy a MacBook Air 11inch, but i'll be returning it because of issues with bootcamp. Pretty much: I thought windows would be a mind-blowing experience on the Air and it isn't, and i had lots of problems with the install. But i will miss the Air's fantastic hardware. And Mac OS X is actually an incredible piece of software (sorry fanboys), but then again, so i windows 7/8.

So guys, the two computers I'm actively considering right now are the Asus ZenBook Prime UX31a (base model) which i can get for around $1050 (brand new) plus tax, and the Thinkpad X1 Carbon, which I can get for $1250 (brand new) plus tax. Which would you recommend and why?

EDIT: Also, resale value is a factor too, as i might be selling this to get a Surface Pro down the road.