Sony Mobile, the entity that resulted from Sony's buyout of Ericsson from the famed Sony Ericsson partnership, is starting to make the operational changes it hopes will help it become a more profitable operation. The first step is to move its headquarters from Lund, Sweden, back home to Tokyo, Japan, which will be happening this October, and the second, more painful one, will be to "reduce global headcount" by some 15 percent, equivalent to roughly 1,000 jobs.

Sony may be describing this downsizing as a global effort, however it also reveals that 650 of the job losses will affect its present Swedish operations, with the remainder being primarily Sweden-based consultants. The staff redundancies will be rolled out gradually over the next year and a half, to be concluded by March 2014. In discussing the planned changes, Kunimasa Suzuki, the President and CEO of Sony Mobile, had this to say:

"We are accelerating the integration and convergence with the wider Sony group to continue enhancing our offerings, and a more focused and efficient operational structure will help to reduce Sony Mobile's costs, enhance time to market efficiency and bring the business back to a place of strength."