Will the Next Nexus Launching w/Jelly Bean 'Dim' the Experience?

When the Nexus One launched, it was a revelation - a 1ghz processor and the design/feel of the hardware was second to none at that time. However, stock Android wasn't that big of a deal back then. The Nexus S had good hardware and Gingerbread was good, but nothing amazing since it was an incremental upgrade to Froyo. The Galaxy Nexus with its 720p screen and an all-new looking OS w/ICS was amazing when I first learned about it and then got it.

If the next flagship Nexus device launches with the same Jelly Bean OS as we currently have on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, will that lessen the experience with the new device? I currently own both Nexus devices, and I'm quite happy with the devices and the OS itself. I am looking forward to upgrading, depending on what the next Nexus smartphone offers. However, I'm not terribly excited about the launch since I feel like I already know exactly how it'll behave. Save for a faster chip, a better screen and a better camera (and other incremental enhancements to battery life, weight, design, etc.), what is there that is new to expect if the underlying OS is the same?