The Polaroid aficionados at The Impossible Project have made it a long-lasting goal to keep the company's signature retro and cool instant film format alive. After successfully bringing Polaroid's Spirit 600 back to life and into Urban Outfitters stores, and creating a new line of "Polaroid Classic" film, the team has reached another milestone and is now responsible for the return of instant 8 x 10 photographs.

Originally introduced by Polaroid in 1973, The Impossible Project obtained the very last intact 8 x 10 Polaroid production machine in 2009 and transported it from the United States to its factory in the Netherlands. Since then, is has been making adjustments and working with other photographers to properly reproduce the film. Starting August 30th, the new PQ 8 x 10 film will finally hit the market at any of the Impossible Project Spaces in New York, Paris, Vienna, and Tokyo, as well as other select retailers. A pack of 10 photos will cost $189 and will work with 8 x 10 cameras that use Polaroid's film holder and original 8 x 10 processor — requirements that are likely to only be met by the most nostalgic Polaroid users. To celebrate, the team will be displaying the very first photos that use the upcoming PQ 8 x 10 Silver Shade film at the Impossible Space in New York from August 23rd to September 24th.