Pentax, Sigma, Sony Alpha, Samsung NX - state why we are relevant

So, especially on tech websites like this one, when it comes to cameras talk always seems to be dominated by the big guys - Nikon, Canon, Panasonic/Olympus m4/3rds, and Sony NEX, why the smaller brands seem to be afterthoughts. Hey, I will state that those companies put out great products, and they are top sellers, but there are a lot more choices out there than what Canon or Nikon give us, so why not throw some love to the other systems?

Relevancy - users of those systems listed above are always trying to say why we chose our camera over those others, and what makes ours special. Sometimes, it feels like the world is calling for our end however, especially when a review goes in depth about how difficult it is to change the color of the onscreen menus, but says nothing about how easy it is to change the white balance.

So this post is for us little guys - the owners of proud camera systems that get very little love. No need to talk about the big boys, share why your camera system should still exist, what it brings to the table, and why people should take a look at your system. I tried to think of the ones that are going to be supported (4/3rds seems to be done in by M4/3rds) and not very new (you Nikon 1 people can create your own post). Also, I don't think anyone is worried Leica is going to close up shop, nor is Hasselbland, so no need to list them either.

Pentax - smallest of the SLR companies, does not have a large electronics firm behind it.

Sigma - largest third-party lens provider probably has smallest installed base for their own mount SLR cameras

Sony Alpha - Seems to be eclipsed in its own company by NEX line

Samsung NX - Despite APSc sensor, gets little coverage compared to NEX and smaller-sensored M4/3

So please share your thoughts on why your camera system is still relevant as everyone continues to move towards those other guys.