How about we take iTunes sync and...

Put it in the Finder? That's right, I think that iTunes sync for iPhones, iPods and iPads should be put into a finder window instead of being in iTunes. Why? Well, because it doesn't really make sense to have iOS devices in iTunes anymore.

iTunes sync was originally designed for the iPods and they made sense back then, because they only played music and maybe some videos and movies. However, iOS devices do so much more than that and putting them in an application that deals with music is no longer reasonable.

I think that iOS devices should be treated like external devices, like USBs and CDs. The name of the iOS device would be listed under 'Devices' in the Finder and it could have the same interface as it does in iTunes now. However, some things would still have to be done in separate apps. For example, when clicking on the music tab, it could launch iTunes and music management could be done there, and when clicking on the photos tab, it would bring you to iPhoto.

As for Windows? Well, maybe they could have an entirely different app called 'iOS sync'.

This is just a rough idea, there are many problems with it. For example, there is still no clear place for movies and TV show management besides from iTunes. Maybe iTunes should be split into separate apps? Maybe Apple should overhaul iTunes? Or maybe, iTunes should be renamed into something more fitting.